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How to choose a domain name for your business?

Rules to choose a domain name for your business:

– Whenever possible, choose the domain name of your brand, giving more prominence to your branding and making it quite memorable.

– Always choose a shorter domain, facilitating memorization.

– Try to avoid choosing a domain that is homophone, that is, spoken might be confused with another word.

– If you do not choose a private label domain, always try to somehow associate the name of your business by customizing your generic domain.

– The extent of choice to use should be made taking into account the type of business, however should always be given to the .com, even acquiring other extensions, we recommend you idealize your site in .com.

– Try to avoid the choice of domains with hyphen, netizens do not like it and can often go to another website of your competitor, choosing it to him before your business.

– If you select a domain before the own brand of your business, be sure to always make the right choice because later it will be difficult to change your identity and it costs oh so much more.

– Where it is available, choose a generic domain in the business area of your company and develop it. If not available, approach the domain holder in order to know if it is available for sale or rent.

– Be the habit of your consumer. If you sell bags and your buyers want to buy bags, try to get or or something really significant to your target. This is not rocket science, and yet, many people fail to observe and understand.

If you still have questions on what the best domain for your business, think like a potential customer and see how it would be more comfortable for you to remember a business or a website.

Joao Mesquita

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