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Domain Names Prices Increase in 1 Month

New year, new prices here at All domains will see a 10% increase in its price tag, so get the domain you want today and enjoy this great opportunity.

If you skip this announcement and try to get a domain name from us after 1st January, don’t worry, money solves the problem…

The reason why we do this it is simply because we have a structure to maintain, investments in domains to cover and, if you don’t know by now, great domains like ours don’t decrease in price.

If you had a domain we own in mind and you were waiting for us to let it expire, think again and act now. 10% might be a lot of money depending on the domain you’re thinking about.

Joao Mesquita

About Joao Mesquita

João Mesquita has an extensive experience in managing online projects, and the beginning of his career on the Internet dates back to 2001, where he did the management of multiple sites and online shops. His academic background is related to Marketing, Advertising and Public Relations. It was on the internet where he applied that knowledge, and today, in addition to, he also manages the financial portal