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The .com is too expensive? Here is how you do it.

So the .com domain that is perfect for your domain is already registered and when you asked how it was…it’s just too expensive for your pocket.

You are not alone. Not at all. Everyday someone wants a domain that is just too expensive, but that are ways to go around the cash problem:

– Lease the domain: Go ahead to and learn how you can pay for a domain during a certain amount of time. If you are able to pay 10.000$/year over 5 years, and that transaction is secured by, why wouldn’t you do it? When the payment is completed, the domain is yours. Simple or what?

– Get an alternative .com: If you don’t have the cash to buy your perfect domain, search for an alternative .com domain. Don’t go to another TLD like .net or .info or .whatever…because you are going to loose the reputation game. If the domain you want is a 1 word, then search for a 2 word .com. If it is a 2 word .com domain, search for a 3 word .com. You would be amazed to know how many businesses open on 3 or even 4 words .com domains!

– No problem going local? Get your ccTLD: If you don’t have a problem going local before expanding like crazy, then consider buying your domain under YOUR country TLD umbrella. If you are from USA, then don’t be afraid to go with a .US domain. People know that TLD being from United States of America so there’s really no excuse whatsoever for not choosing that. Plus, it’s far more affordable to buy a ccTLD than a .com. Think about this, how much would someone pay for today? If the buyer is from Portugal, they have the chance to buy today for 110.000€. I believe it’s not even 1/10 of the price asked for Since .PT is relevant in Portugal, the reputation game is well kept and the branding effect is just awesome.

Once you have a solid business going and you have the funds to purchase the .com…just do it.

Joao Mesquita

About Joao Mesquita

João Mesquita has an extensive experience in managing online projects, and the beginning of his career on the Internet dates back to 2001, where he did the management of multiple sites and online shops. His academic background is related to Marketing, Advertising and Public Relations. It was on the internet where he applied that knowledge, and today, in addition to, he also manages the financial portal


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