why a domain

Why buying a domain?

Many businesses have failed because they never had a strong online presence.

Type-In Traffic

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Found a domain of ours that fits your idea? Ever noticed that only having a page on FaceBook or a blog on a domain.blogspot.com is committing a big mistake in the long run? Tired of paying advertising in social networks and search engines?

Direct traffic is extremely qualified as anyone visiting a site via browser, instead of doing a search, they want to get direct access to information or product and do not want to go through the filter of a search engine (which often does not deliver the best results, but instead it delivers the PAID ones).

Being that the consumer wants direct information, the consumer type the generic word about the topic / product / service he wants. This is the strength of a generic. It’s the same reason why you’re reading this text!

The domain you typed in the browser could have a website of your company, your products and services! Ever wonder how many people are interested in buying what you sell, have passed through this website and have not seen your products??

Renting a domain nowadays is extremely easy and safe, as well as being much cheaper than buying one. Therefore, there is no excuse for not having a premium domain!

Leasing is more beneficial

Businessman and a plant of money

For many, leasing a domain is scary because they do not realize how it works.

For others, it is the ideal solution for a business with low maintenance costs.

It’s the difference between those who thrive and those who are at the mercy of their own decisions.

Whichever branch of your business, if you are reading this, then think of the people who want to buy what you sell and who are also reading these lines!

You are losing money every passing day because your consumers are not seeing YOUR site!

Top location with lower costs


The global economy is, in general, bad. Therefore, you need to adjust your business to reality. Adjust your business today so that you don’t have to close it tomorrow.

It costs less to have a business online than to keep a physical shop with a rent, water, electricity, telecommunications, human resources and most importantly, LOCATION!

How much would you pay for a physical store in the best avenue in Lisbon, Sao Paulo, Madrid, Milan, New York, etc? Thousands and thousands of euros! Cost, cost and cost!

It is tempting to open a physical store in a premium location, but beyond the status the the location gives you, it does not guarantee a return of the investment because it just doesn’t expand!With a premium domain, your business expands globally because anyone with internet access can access your sales channel! That means sales and sales mean prosperity!

Do not forget that the internet is global, so anyone, anywhere in the world can consume what you sell. Can you do that with a physical store?

Increase your sales and profits

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How many people go through your physical store on a day-to-day? 10? 20? 100?

What would you do if you had the double, triple and even more visits to your business? SALES!! MORE PROFITS!! Many of our domains have already qualified traffic to your business and in most cases we receive more visits in the domain than you get in your store!

Do you know how much we pay to have these visits? NOTHING, ZERO! We do not invest in advertising because we do not need. We have a premium domain and it makes all the difference!

Think long term because the internet is not going out of our lives very quickly.


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