be the habit

Why becoming generic?

Your consumer buys products and services related to habits. Be it.

There are millions of registered internet domain names, but only few are able to give your business the credibility and distinction that you need.

It is a fact, competition exists and if corporate managers are slow to update their plan to choose the right domain, they are at serious risk of being left behind, taking their companies with them to the bottom.

Barnes & Noble, Bank of America and many other large companies know this and they are already using domains that differentiate them from the competition for many years. Domains like (acquired by Barnes & Noble) and (owned by Bank of America) are just two examples of choices thought to lead a market segment.

The choice of a top-level domain will bring long-term results. You will see with time that leading a market segment in this century is not the same than in the past, but nothing like experiencing it, to see it with your own eyes and draw your own conclusions. Take risks on the internet with a Premium Generic Domain Name. Be your consumer habit instead of forcing your clients to remember your company name.

That is what Generic Domain Names are all about.



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