Author: Joao Mesquita

The .com is too expensive? Here is how you do it.

- Lease the domain - Get an alternative .com - No problem going local? Get your ccTLD
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cc .pt domains in auction at Sedo starting tomorrow

"The .pt Registry decided to release some CC .pt domains in the way of an auction, and for that, the chosen platform is, one of the largest domain name marketplaces."
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Domain Names Prices Increase in 1 Month

"New year, new prices here at All domains will see a 10% increase in its price tag, so get the domain you want today and enjoy this great opportunity."
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How to choose a domain name for your business?

"Be the habit of your consumer. If you sell bags and your buyers want to buy bags, try to get or or something really significant to your target. This is not rocket science, and yet, many people fail to observe and understand."
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