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About NamesCommerce.com

NamesCommerce.com is a website operated by eLand Unip. Lda company.

logo eland ptis a Portuguese company, whose mission is to develop online projects in various market segments. eLand born from a passion for the Domaining area, which consists of buying, developing and (if there are conditions) sell Internet domain  names under the aftermarket system.

After many years on the lookout for this market, it was decided that eLand would be created to occupy its space in the vast virtual world that is the internet.

Online commerce is constantly growing and has been recognized for several years by the big brands as a critical sales channel. The opening of eLand confronts the trend of cooling economic crisis in Portugal.

The world is always changing and that makes changes to the markets as well. The internet has changed many of market rules and the perception that the portuguese market is becoming more uniform, led us to a strong investment in generic names that, in time, will be developed in projects with utility.

Although the online market is growing, it is still a fact that there is not much awareness of what is actually a generic internet domain, as well as what it can do for your business when used in the most correct way.

eLand is here to help our customers understand and innovate its expansion through a sales channel with which they may not be adequately prepared to use.

The future is today. If you think your business is stagnating, think again. There is a whole world to explore via the internet and is quite easier to manage an online sales platform, than managing a physical space. Now imagine being able to reconcile the two worlds in your benefit.


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